Monday, December 19, 2016

"The Establishment" - Is It Big Business Or Elected Officials ?

We often hear the media, politicians, and even voters toss around the term "the establishment". Who are they talking about? Who is the establishment?

The folks at the YouGov Poll decided to see what their respondents thought. They questioned 2,204 adults on December 15th, and the results are shown in the two charts above.

The public is pretty split over whether Big Business or elected officials make up the establishment. That doesn't surprise me, since I believe it is a combination of both -- Big Business and the politicians who pursue the policies that Big Business wants enacted.

The poll's respondents were a little clearer over which political party represented the establishment. They tended to think the Republicans represented the establishment more than the Democrats. I would agree with that, and think the poll should have been even bigger in naming the Republicans. It is the elected Republican officials who carry the most water for Big Business.

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