Thursday, January 12, 2017

Americans Believe This Is A Greatly Divided Country

There has been much talk recently about the U.S. being a divided country, and that seems to be what the American people think. According to the Gallup Poll, a record 77% of the public says this is a greatly divided country, while only 21% say Americans are united. And that division seems to be growing worse all the time.

I would have to agree with that -- and the sad part these days is that the two sides don't see each other as political opponents they can compromise with for the good of the country, but as enemies who have nothing good to offer the nation. While that is true to both sides somewhat, I believe it is especially true among right-wingers because of the vicious rhetoric their leaders have used for the past couple of decades.

This country is in serious trouble if this is not overcome. We must realize that we are all Americans, and will sink or swim together. The question though -- have we gone too far to change?

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