Monday, January 02, 2017

This 2016 Poll Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

The Public Religion Research Institute recently went over their 2016 polls to determine if any of them contained information that could be relevant to 2017 politics. One that they found was the chart above from an April 2016 survey they did.

It showed that 65% of the supporters of Donald Trump said they thought this country needed a president who was willing to break the rules. And in case you wondered, those rules are the laws derived from our Constitution. These fools don't care about the Constitution as long as they can get what they want. They don't seem to realize that allowing a leader to break the rules (i.e., violate the Constitution) is a big step toward tyranny (rule by a leader that makes his own rules).

Even scarier is that the chart showed that 45% of the general population agrees with the trumpistas -- also thinking the country needs a leader willing to break the rules. Only 51% thought a president should always follow the rules, and 4% said they were unsure. That's almost half of the population willing to toss the Constitution out the window to get what they want.

That scares the hell out of me, and it should scare all Americans. These nuts got the president they want, and seem to be willing to ignore his breaking of the rules. That's frightening, since Trump is known for flouting the rules to get what he wants.

Our Founding Fathers sacrificed to give us a representative democracy. Is the current generation too stupid and selfish to keep it?


  1. These results are scary, but they shouldn't be surprising. In my interactions with younger people, they don't know enough history to understand that once the rules are broken, there is never enough political will to glue them back together. And those put in power won't give up their power without fighting a revolutionary war all over again. Rules and laws were set up so we wouldn't have to go thru that. The constitutional mechanism for change is "amendment" not abolishing our laws and rules.


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