Friday, January 13, 2017

Trump Administration Poised To Be The Most Corrupt Of All

Republicans like to talk about how corrupt the administrations of Democratic presidents are, but the truth is just the opposite of what they claim. It's the Republican administrations that have been the most corrupt. Out of the last 8 presidents the administrations with the most indictments were three of the five Republican administrations -- Nixon (76 indictments), Reagan (26 indictments), and Bush II (16 indictments).

The other five presidents, two Republicans and three Democrats, were remarkably free of corruption -- Ford (1 indictment), Carter (1 indictment), Clinton (2 indictments), and beast of all, Obama (0 indictments).

Sadly, it looks like the Trump administration is setting itself up to be the most corrupt of all -- topping even the Nixon administration. Trump has played fast and loose with the truth throughout his life, and that has not changed with his recent election. We also know that he is not above perpetrating a fraud (Trump University) or refusing to meet his business obligations. Now we learn he will not divest himself of his business interests (as past presidents have done), so he can easily use presidential decisions to enrich himself and his family/friends -- and his past history shows that is probably exactly what he will do.

But it's not just Trump. He's put a lot of people just like him in his cabinet, and they will probably hire people just like themselves. I don't think we can expect a corrupt-free administration from Trump (like we had with Obama). The rot starts at the top, and Trump is as rotten as it gets. Be prepared for an administration run by crooks for crooks.

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