Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Flynn Was Just The Tip Of A Nasty Orange Iceberg

Michael Flynn is out as the National Security Advisor for the Trump administration. He lasted less than a month -- a record short term for aides of a modern president. Why did he have to leave? Because it was becoming known that he had negotiated the removal of sanctions against Russia (probably in return for Russian help in getting Donald Trump elected).

Enough had been revealed to know that he had lied about his talks with Russia, and an investigation was sure to follow. But with his "resignation" (firing?), Republicans (and the Trump White House) would have you believe the matter is settled -- the bad apple has been removed from the barrel. Now there will be no congressional investigation. The FBI will investigate, but you can be sure their investigation will stop with Flynn. After all, FBI Director Comey has shown that he is a trumpista -- and he will make sure the investigation doesn't taint his hero.

But only a Republican could believe (or act like they believe) that Flynn was the only guilty party in this traitorous mess. Can anyone really believe Flynn acted on his own when he negotiated with Russia? Why would the Russians even talk to him? He had no power, and had nothing to offer them. Only one person had something to offer them -- Donald Trump (who they hoped they could help win the presidency). The only reason they talked with Flynn is because he was the go-between (i.e., flunky) of Donald Trump. He acted with both the knowledge and permission of Trump.

And what they did was treasonous. It is against American law for any citizen to negotiate with a foreign government. That is a job reserved for the elected government.And while Flynn, on behalf of Trump, was negotiating with the Russians, neither held any government position. They were acting against the wishes of the U.S. government and its citizens (most of whom consider Russia to be an enemy).

Flynn did not act alone. He was just the tip of a nasty and treasonous orange iceberg. Sadly though, I doubt the American people will ever be told the truth. The Republicans have connived too long to get in power, and they know the truth could be disastrous for them. They will do everything they can to block the truth from coming out. And Trump will do what he normally does. He will lie.

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