Thursday, February 23, 2017

More Identify With Democrats Than Republicans

Donald Trump was elected president, and more Republicans elected to Congress than Democrats -- but that was not because there are more Republicans than Democrats in the United States. It was the result of an archaic electoral college system and some very effective gerrymandering done by Republicans after the last census.

As the top chart shows, those who self-identify as belonging to a political party have Democrats with a slight advantage of about 3 points (31% to 28%). Both groups are outnumbered by those claiming to be Independents (37%).

That's not really a true picture though. Many of those Independents actually lean toward one party or the other. The bottom chart shows what happens when you include the "leaners" -- Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 6 points (43% to 37%). And the number of true Independents falls to only 16%.

Whether you include the leaners or not, one thing is true -- Democrats still outnumber Republicans in the United States. And if the Trump administration (and Congress) continue on its present course, the gap between Democrats and Republicans could grow much larger.

These charts were made from information in a new NBC News / SurveyMonkey Poll -- done between February 13th and 19th of a random national sample of 11,512 adults, with a 1.4 point margin of error.

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