Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Most Religious People Now Accepting Of LGBT Community

A significant majority of Americans have accepted that the LGBT community should have the same rights as all other Americans. That has been true for a couple of years now. What is encouraging is that most religious groups in this country are also coming around on that matter.

The charts above are from a new analysis by the Public Religion Research Institute -- drawn from 40,509 interviews in their 2016 American Values Atlas. It shows that 11 out of 17 religious groups in the U.S. now have a significant majority supporting same-sex marriage, and two of the remaining six groups have pluralities supporting it.

It gets even better when respondents were asked if they supported religiously-based service refusals for LGBT customers by businesses. A full 16 out of 17 religious groups opposed such service refusals by a majority of their members. The only hold-out group is the White evangelicals, who support such service refusals by an 8 point margin.

Religion has been stubborn on the equality of LGBT citizens -- citing the bible as justification for their discrimination. It's good to see that most are now abandoning that bigoted viewpoint.

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