Thursday, February 02, 2017

Trump SCOTUS Nominee - A Test Senate Dems Must Pass

(This photo of Trump's SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is from The Buffalo News.)

Donald Trump has made his pick for the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, and it's every bit as bad as we thought it might be. He has chosen Neil Gorsuch -- a George W. Bush appointee to serve on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Gorsuch does have academic credentials (Columbia, Harvard, Oxford), but his record is abysmal -- and shows that even the best education cannot compensate for an unwillingness to use rational thought.

Gorsuch is a lackey for Big Business, who believes that businesses don't need regulations to protect consumers or the environment. He also thinks christians should have special privileges over all others, and should be able to disregard rules that others must follow. He is an opponent of abortion rights and has decided in the past to support defunding Planned Parenthood. He is also an "originalist" on the Constitution -- meaning he wants to interpret it as though this country never got out of the 18th century.

In short, he would be a disaster as a Supreme Court justice, and every Democratic senator must stand against his approval. This is a test for those Democratic senators, and it's one they must pass. They must fight to the very end to keep Gorsuch off the Supreme Court -- even if that means we only have 8 justices for the next four years. They must filibuster his nomination -- even if it means the filibuster is eliminated. And any Democrat who caves in and votes to confirm Gorsuch must be given a primary opponent and campaigned against.

Republican senators have been playing hardball politics for years, and it time for Democratic senators to learn to play the same game. And any that can't do it should be replaced.

Mitch McConnell seems to have forgotten his own actions (and those of his GOP cohorts in the Senate). He says he wants Senate Democrats to treat Trump's nominee like they treated Obama's. Well, I agree with him. The Republicans refused to hold hearings or allow a vote on Obama's nominee (Merrick Garland). They blocked his nomination for many months. Senate Democrats should follow their lead, and do their very best to block the nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

The following was written by Kos at his website Daily Kos. I agree with every word he's written here.

So what possible fucking reason might make Democrats decide to sit out this critical fight? Well, in short, there’s a batch of them who are fucking idiots. I mean, they’re the dumbest fuckers you can possibly imagine. How goddam stupid are they? Their logic is as follows: if Democrats use the filibuster, Republicans might eliminate it. And if they eliminate it, they won’t be able to use the filibuster! 
The obvious response, of course, is why have a filibuster at all if you’re too fucking afraid to use it?
Or put another way, why be a senator if you’re too afraid to do your job?
The only choice is all out obstruction. Anything less will have those Democrats drawn and quartered by the base. Filibuster until there is no filibuster. It’s what Republicans planned on doing to President Clinton’s choice. If Republicans eliminate the filibuster, then good for them! It’s a piece of shit anyway. Respond instead by slowing Senate business to a crawl. It’s easy! Just refuse to allow unanimous consent on anything.
Anything less than all-out war on the would-be tyrant is unacceptable. 


  1. The dems better not do anything but treat this appt. just like the republicans treated Obama's.... if in the end they go down on this, they had better go down fighting until they can't fight anymore...they need to obstruct everything the republicans say, do, or want...

  2. True Ginger, but 1st the demoncrats will have to collectively grow a pair to be able to do so!!! They have mostly shown to be nothing more than quivering piles of green goo so far!


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