Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Domestic Violence Is A Far Bigger Problem Than Terrorism

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The Republicans would have you believe that the biggest danger to American citizens is terrorism -- and they have started wars, issued travel bans, and want to build a wall to solve that problem. But the truth is that there's a problem much bigger and much more dangerous to American citizens -- DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

As the chart above shows, more women have been killed in this country between 2001 and 2012 than soldiers killed in Afghanistan & Iraq and Americans killed by terrorists -- combined! And yet, this is a problem on which most of our politicians, especially Republicans, are silent. They want to spend many billions more to fight terrorism, but seem to be complacent about the much more serious problem of domestic violence.

To their credit, many police departments are now taking domestic violence more seriously -- and no longer require a victim's consent to file charges against the abuser. But much more needs to be done. Sadly though, it won't be done until the population as a whole in this country recognizes the problem and demands it be corrected.

We need stricter laws and more judicial enforcement of those laws. And personally, I think we should make it much harder for those convicted of domestic violence to buy or own a firearm -- and we should seriously punish those who violate than ban.

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