Monday, March 27, 2017

General Public Had A Very Poor View Of Trumpcare

The Republican health care plan (Trumpcare) to replace Obamacare has failed. It failed mainly because the Republicans in Congress could not agree on what kind of plan they wanted (although all of them wanted Obamacare eliminated).

This is a good thing in the eyes of the general public. That's because the public just didn't like the plan the GOP congressional leaders had proposed. People believed Trumpcare would cost them more personally than Obamacare (by a 7 point margin), would cover less people with insurance (by a 27 point margin), had less benefits (by a 13 point margin), would not reduce costs for middle class families (by a 7 point margin), and did not protect Medicare as well (by a 17 point margin).

The public did think Trumpcare would better allow them to choose their own doctor and would cost taxpayers less -- but only by a very slim 2 point margin (well within the poll's margin of error).

The public is not thrilled with Obamacare. They know it has flaws that need to be fixed -- insurance premiums & medical costs rising too fast, and too many people still left with no insurance coverage. But they also knew that the plan proposed by the Republicans did not fix those problems. It just made them worse.

The chart above was made using information in a recent Economist / YouGov Poll -- done between March 19th and 21st of a random national sample of 1,500 adults (including 1,296 registered voters), with a margin of error of 3.3 points.


  1. Hi, I think you flipped the "cost you more" bars.

    Excellent blog.

    Nancy Irving

    1. You are right. Trumpcare should be 31 and Obamacare 24. Thanks for pointing it out.


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