Sunday, March 19, 2017

GOP Kills More Yearly Than Terrorists In All U.S. History

Donald Trump, and his Republican cohorts, would have you believe their bigoted policies toward refugees and immigrants is to protect American lives from terrorism. The truth is that it's just political theater -- designed to keep themselves in power.
If they did care about saving American lives, they would do what they could to fix our health care system. But they won't do that. They consider health care to be a product to be sold to those who can afford it -- not a right of all people. And because of that greedy and apathetic attitude, the Republican officials kill more people each year than terrorists have throughout American history.
Bettwen 1776 and 2017, terrorists have claimed the lives of 5,087 people in the United States. That's a tiny number compared to the death totals run up by Republican officials. By refusing to expand Medicaid, Republicans on the state level are killing about 17,000 a year (by denying them medical care, especially preventative care).
But even that figure pales in comparison to the number of preventable deaths that Trumpcare (the GOP repeal & replace plan) will cause. A study by Harvard doctors predict that enacting Trumpcare will kill 43,000 people every year.
I'm not saying we that terrorism isn't important, but our law enforcement and intelligence agencies do a very good job of keeping deaths from terrorism down to a very small level. If we truly wanted to save American lives though, the best thing that could be done is to vote the Republicans out of power. It may not make the headlines that a terrorist attack does, but they kill far more people with their mean-spirited policies.

Some of you may think my comparison is invalid, but I submit to you -- a person killed unnecessarily by a government policy is just as dead as one killed by a terrorist bullet or bomb.

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