Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Official Park Service Photos Embarrassing For Trump

Right after the inauguration, the mainstream media posted their photos of the crowds at the Obama and Trump inaugurations -- and those photos showed a much larger crowd had turned out for Obama's inauguration. Those photos caused our narcissist-in-chief to blow a fuse, lose his cool, and throw a tantrum. He could not accept the truth.

He was convinced that the media was lying, and his crowds were really larger. So, he ordered the National Park Service to release their own official government photos of the crowd sizes. The NPS has now released those photos, and they are pictured above.

Obama's crowd is on the left, and Trump's is on the right. Both were taken shortly before the candidates were sworn in -- and to add to Trump's embarrassment, the Obama photo was taken an hour earlier than the Trump photo (so the Obama crowd probably grew even larger).

Our loser-in-chief doesn't know when to quit. If anything, the official government photos look even worse than the media photos.

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  1. No surprise Trump lied about crowd size. He lies about lots of sizes, which is why he is going around half-cocked all the time.


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