Tuesday, April 25, 2017

American Public Gives Grades To Both Parties In Congress

This chart was made from the latest Politico / Morning Consult Poll. That poll questioned 1,992 registered voters between April 13th and 15th (with a 2 point margin of error). The poll's respondents were asked to give the two congressional parties a letter grade from A (excellent) to F (failing).

Neither party fared too well. For both the good grades (A & B) and the poor grades (D & F), the numbers for the two parties were within the poll's margin of error. That means the public is not too enamored with either congressional party.

The Democrats got 12 points more giving them a D or F (38) than an A or B (26). The Republicans got 10 points more giving them a D or F (40) than an A or B (30).

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