Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

The poll above is very revealing when it comes to the difference between the political parties. MSNBC polled members of both parties on whether they supported a military strike by the U.S. against Syria.

In 2013, 38% of Democrats supported such a strike, and in 2017 a similar 37% supported a strike. It shows that the Democrats who supported such a strike did so whether it was done by a Democrat or a Republican in the White House.

It's far different with Republicans. In 2013, only 22% of Republicans supported a military strike against Syria, but in 2017 that support had climbed to a whopping 86%. It seems that those Republicans opposed a strike in 2013 only because an African-American president was in the White House. They were fine with a military strike in 2017, because a White Republican was in the White House.

Laura Clawson at Daily Kos said:

It’s almost like people in one party have some principles and people in the other just care whether a member of their team in in charge.

I think she's exactly right.

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