Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Donald Trump - Golfer And Grifter

Trump's promise to stay in the White House instead of playing golf (as he accused President Obama of doing too much) was just another campaign lie. As the top chart shows, he has spent much more time on the golf course than any of the last three presidents in the first 81 days (or even all three of the last presidents combined).

I'm not so sure that's a bad thing though. At least, while he's on the golf course worrying only about his next bad swing, he's not signing some odious executive order or pondering a policy that will hurt more Americans than it helps. In fact, the safest time for most Americans right now is very likely the time Trump spends playing golf.

I'm not so forgiving of the second chart though -- showing the time he has spent at Mar-a-lago, which he owns. Every time he leaves the White House, it seems he goes to a hotel/resort/golf course that he owns -- and it is done at taxpayer expense. That money the taxpayers spend then goes directly into Trump's pocket, since he has refused to divest himself of his business interests.

This grifter is making himself richer, and he's doing it with taxpayer dollars. If that is not illegal, it certainly should be.

(NOTE - The charts above are from the New York Times.)

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  1. He ran on this issue! He ran attacking Obama for taking time away from his job. He still says he'll never take a vacation.

    Clearly, he is under the impression that this is a aprt-time job and not as serious as buying hotels.


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