Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Likely That Trump Will Get U.S. In (New/Bigger) War

A majority of the American public thinks it is likely that Donald Trump will get this country into a war -- either a bigger involvement in current wars, or a new war. The general public, women, those under age 45, and Blacks all have majorities believing that -- and the other groups have pluralities.

This opinion was shared before Trump attacked a Syrian air base with about 59 cruise missiles. I doubt that action has lessened the public's view. It has probably increased it.

The chart was made from information in a new Economist / YouGov Poll -- done between April 2nd and 4th of a random national sample of 1,500 adults (including 1,331 registered voters), with a margin of error of 3.2 points.

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  1. believe me, it will be the best war, the very bet. you all think it will be done in a bigly way but i'm tellin' ya, it'll be YUGE!


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