Saturday, April 29, 2017

Most People Think It's Too easy To Buy A Gun In U.S.

Last year, when Rasmussen asked this question, only 44% said it was too easy to buy a gun in the United States. That has now climbed to a slim majority of 51%. Maybe Americans are finally waking up and realizing that we bring the thousands of gun deaths each year on ourselves -- with laws that make it easy for anyone (including criminals and terrorists) to buy a gun.

The least we could do is make ALL gun buyers pass a background check (something that over 80% of Americans would support). That would not affect law-abiding citizens, but would make it much harder for criminals and terrorists to get a gun -- and it would NOT violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

The chart above is from the Rasmussen Poll -- done on April 25th and 26th of a random national sample of likely voters, with a 3 point margin of error.

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