Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our Liar-In-Chief Is Also A Flip/Flopper-In-Chief

One Trump was sworn in, it became pretty obvious that truth meant nothing to him. He (and his aides) told over 100 obvious lies in just the first 30 days. Now we are learning that campaign promises mean as little to him as truth. He has flip-flopped on several issues -- taking a new position that is diametrically opposed to the position he espoused during the presidential campaign.

There are already some of his supporters that are growing unhappy with his flip-flopping, but so far, most of his trumpistas seem to be sticking with him. How long will they put up with his breaking campaign promises. Did they support him because of those campaign promises? Or did they just join a cult of personality?

If it is the former, then his support is going to start falling away. If it is the latter, then it won't really matter what he does or what promises he breaks. He hasn't quite finished his first 100 days in office, so I could be wrong, but I'm starting to think his supporters just joined a "cult of personality" -- and they won't think he can do any wrong (regardless of what he actually does or doesn't do).

From CNN, here are some of Trump's biggest flip-flops:

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  1. It's absolutely Cult of Personality. Always has been.

    He doesn't represent a political philosophy and if he disappeared off the face of the Earth tomorrow (went back to his home planet, maybe?), nothing of a Trump movement would remain in national politics.


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