Monday, May 08, 2017

France Chooses Moderate Change - Rejects Bigotry

 Last November, the American people had a choice between a person who offered moderate and sensible change, and a person who who promised a radical and bigoted change. They chose the bigot.

The French had a similar option in their election. It was obvious that the French were unhappy with their current government. In the first round of their presidential election, they rejected both of the established political parties -- leaving them with the choice of a moderate independent (Emmanuel Macron) and a radical bigot (Marine Le Pen) in the final electoral round.

They opted for the moderate independent, Emmanuel Macron. They wanted change, but they wanted moderate and sensible change -- and they showed that overwhelmingly. Macron defeated Le Pen by a 30 point margin (with final results predicted to be about 65% to 35%).

This brings to my mind a question -- Are the French voters smarter than American voters, or does the French media do a better job of explaining what the candidates stand for than the American media does?

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