Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Manchester Is Attacked By Cowardly Criminals - Not Muslims

(Photo is from video on the BBC News.)

It has happened again. This time it was a cowardly criminal attacking young people leaving a concert in Manchester, England. At least 22 were killed by a bomb blast, and more than 50 others were wounded.

This was a horrible tragedy, and I hope all who had anything to do with it are hunted down and severely punished. But we need to be careful not to let our politicians use the tragedy for their own nefarious purposes. There are those (Donald Trump and his ilk) who would have you believe this is another example of a war between muslims and christians.

That is not true. We must remember that these terrorists have killed far more muslims than christians in their illegal lust for power. They may hide behind religion (like certain other groups hide behind their's -- KKK, white militias, etc.), but they do not represent muslims. if they did, they would not be slaughtering muslims at a greater rate than anyone else.

It also is not a war between those from the Middle East and Western nations. These same terrorists that have struck in the West have killed far more people in the Middle East than in all Western nations combined.

I make no excuses for the criminals committing terrorist acts, and I want them to get the punishment they so richly deserve. Just don't let demagogues convince you that this is a religious or ethnic war. It never has been, and painting it as such just demonizes innocent people and spreads hate. It's bigotry, and we don't need that.

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