Saturday, May 20, 2017

Most American Adults Worry About Trump's Mental Health

The charts above were made using information in a new SurveyUSA Poll -- done on May 17th of a national sample of 1,500 adults.

The top chart shows that only 26% of Americans think Trump sees the world as it is, while a majority of 56% think Trump loses touch with reality at times. And that is the opinion generally across all gender, age, and racial/ethnic lines.

The second chart gets a bit more specific -- asking respondents their opinion of Trump's mental health. About 42% say his mental health is good (24%) or excellent (18%), while a majority of 51% say his mental health is only fair (18%) or poor (33%).

Those are some terrible numbers, especially for a president who has been in office less than 6 months. Most seem to think we have elected a nut. As the chart below shows, they also don't think he can be trusted to keep the nation's most sensitive secrets. That's the opinion of 52% of Americans, while only 33% think he can be trusted with those secrets.

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