Friday, May 19, 2017

Orange Noser

Political Cartoon is by Mike Konopacki at

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  1. democracy, we ain't go no democracy! if we had an actual democracy, hillary clinton would be sitting in the whitehouse. it's only thanx to an out of date electoral collage that weighs votes more strongly in some states than others. largest example of this california and wyoming population ca 36,756,666 wy 532,668 ... electoral college votes ca 55 wy 3. therefore it allows in ca 1 college vote per 668,303 people while in wy it only needs 177,556 people per vote. each vote in wyoming weighs 3.76 times greater than in california. democracy is where the people elect their leader and each persons vote counts as 1 single vote. the system we have does not allow for that. it has cheated the american people 4 times.

    In 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes won the election (by a margin of one electoral vote), but he lost the popular vote by more than 250,000 ballots to Samuel J. Tilden.

    In 1888, Benjamin Harrison received 233 electoral votes to Grover Cleveland’s 168, winning the presidency. But Harrison lost the popular vote by more than 90,000 votes.
    In 2000,
    George W. Bush was declared the winner of the general election and became the 43rd president, but he didn’t win the popular vote either. Al Gore holds that distinction, garnering about 540,000 more votes than Bush. However, Bush won the electoral vote, 271 to 266.

    In 2016, Donald Trump won the electoral vote by 304 to 227 over Hillary Clinton, but Trump lost the popular vote. Clinton received nearly 2.9 million more votes than Trump, according to an analysis by the Associated Press of the certified results in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.


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