Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ossoff Seems To Be Leading In Georgia's 6th District Runoff

Georgia's 6th Congressional District run-off is now only about 3 weeks away (June 20th). While this has been a safe Republican district for a long time now, Democrats have high hopes of putting it in the blue column this year -- and there's some evidence they might have a chance to do that.

The latest poll done of 6th District voters is the SurveyUSA / WXIA-TV Poll -- done between May 16th and 20th of a district sample of 700 registered voters, with a 4.3 point margin of error. It shows Democrat Jon Ossoff leading Republican Karen Handel by 7 points (51% to 44%). Of those who say they have already voted, Ossoff leads by 12 points. This seems to suggest that Ossoff's supporters are more enthusiastic than Handel's supporters.

I wouldn't get too excited though. There's a bit of time before the actual voting day, and as I said, this has always been a pretty safe district for Republicans. Handel is leading among older voters and white voters, and those two groups tend to outvote their counterparts.

This is still going to be a close election, and won't be decided by any 7 points. It's going to come down to who can get their voters to the polls (and not who's leading in public opinion polls). If Ossoff can pull this off though, it could signal a bad time for Republicans in next year's election -- and verify that there's a lot of anti-Trump feeling in the country.

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