Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There Is A Large Gender Gap In The United States

These charts are from a survey by the Pew Research Center -- done between April 5th and 11th of a random national sample of 1,501 adults, with a 2.9 point margin of error.

The top chart shows the percentage who say they have confidence in the future of this country. Note that in 2017, there is a much larger gender gap on this question than there was in 2015. In 2015, the gap was only 4 points between men and women. That gap is now 24 points. Women are far less confident in the future under Donald Trump than men.

And that gender gap shows up in both political parties. The Democrats had a 4 point gap in 2015 -- and that has grown to 18 points in 2017. The Republicans had a 7 point gender gap in 2015, which has grown to 28 points in 2017.

The bottom chart shows the gender gap in a different way -- the presidential job approval among men and women for the last six presidents during April of their first term in office. Trump does worse than any president among both men and women, but he does far worse among women. The job approval gender gap for Trump is 13 points -- with women showing 33% approval, and men 46% approval.

This huge (and growing) gender gap bodes ill for the GOP in 2018 -- and for Trump in 2020.

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