Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's Reported That Trump Is Postponing His Trip To Britain

The narcissistic Donald Trump was reveling in the thought that he could ride in the ornate royal coach to visit Queen Elizabeth while being cheered by enthusiastic crowds of Brits. Now it looks like that may not happen at all.

After Trump was elected, his right-wing counterpart in Great Britain (Prime Minister Theresa May) invited him to visit. The visit was expected to happen some time this summer. It was delayed until at least October when May called a snap election. Now it looks like it may not happen at all.

A source close to the Prime Minister, who claims to have heard the conversation, says Trump has told the British Prime Minister that he is delaying his trip to her country -- indefinitely. Why is this happening? It has finally dawned on Trump that he is not well-liked in Great Britain, and he doesn't want the media reporting on huge crowds in that country demonstrating against him.

He is right about that. The British don't like him, and there would undoubtably be large anti-Trump demonstrations if he went there. The image above is an example -- where one group is trying to organize Brits to "moon" the president if he comes.

The source said Trump wants to delay the visit until the anti-Trump sentiment in Britain dies down. If that's true, he will probably have a long wait.

Both the British and American governments are saying the report is not true, and the visit will happen, but neither has reported any date for a trip -- which suggests that the trip has indeed been delayed.

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