Sunday, June 25, 2017

No President Has Ever Lied As Much As Donald Trump

The chart above is from the New York Times. It shows the days in which Donald Trump has told a lie since taking office. They separate deliberate lies from "public falsehoods" (which were not true, but may not have been deliberate). I'm not sure there should be a difference, since the president has access to the knowledge acquired by all of the U.S. government -- and should know whether what he is saying (or tweeting) is true or not. And personally, I believe it is inexcusable for any president to lie to the citizens of this country.

It turns out that, by the NY Times count, Trump told a lie every day from the day he was sworn in until March 1st (about 40 days), and since then, has lied on at least 74 of 113 days. How can anyone now be expected to believe anything that Trump says?

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