Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Public Opposes Trump Withdrawing U.S. From Paris Accord

The charts above were made using information in a new ABC News / Washington Post Poll -- done between June 2nd and 4th of a random national sample of 527 adults, with a margin of error of 5 points.

It shows that Donald Trump once again acted against the wishes of the American public. Americans oppose withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Agreement (by a 31 point margin), think it will hurt U.S. leadership in the world (37 point margin), will hurt international efforts to control global climate change (40 point margin), will cost more jobs than it creates (8 point margin), and will hurt the U.S. economy (10 point margin).

By pursuing an agenda that most Americans don't want, Trump seems determined to keep his job approval numbers in the gutter.

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