Friday, June 30, 2017

Revised Estimate Shows Senate Bill Worse Than Thought

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted that the Senate bill (BCRA) would cost about 22 million Americans their health insurance. Some would come from individuals no longer buying plans (many because they could no longer afford them), and some would come from employers no longer providing insurance for employees -- but most would come from the 26% in cuts to Medicaid in the 10 year projection.

Well, it turns out the Senate bill is even worse than the CBO first projected. That's because the cuts to Medicaid don't stop at 2026. They grow even larger in later years -- growing to 35% by 2036. Those cuts past 2026, combined with the expected growth in medical care costs, would mean that millions more people would be dumped from Medicaid roles -- raising the number of people losing health coverage far beyond the 22 million projected.

The BCRA (i.e., Trumpcare) is a very mean-spirited bill. It would deny health coverage to a huge hunk of the American population. The Republicans have once again shown they simply don't care for their fellow Americans -- unless they are rich.

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