Tuesday, July 25, 2017

17 States Approve Of Trump's Job -- The Other 33 Do Not

The charts above are from the Gallup Poll. It shows Donald Trump's average job approval from January through June of 2017. Gallup surveyed a random national sample of 81,155 adults, with a margin of error of 1 point. The margin of error for each state is about 4 points.

The national job approval for Trump through June is 40% (and disapproval is 54%). But those national numbers are not the same as the numbers in each of the 50 states. There are actually 17 states that give Trump a job approval average of 50% or more (second chart above). The other 33 states give him an average approval less than 50% -- with 16 states giving an approval between 42% and 49% (third chart above), and 17% states giving an approval below 40% (bottom chart above).

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