Friday, July 28, 2017

2018 Democratic House Candidates Has Risen Sharply

Most polls show that Americans would prefer Democrats over Republicans in a generic poll. But that preference means nothing if Democrats don't field candidates to challenge sitting Republicans. The good news is that, thanks to Trump being in the White House and the GOP-controlled Congress being totally dysfunctional, there are a lot of candidates who want to run for office on the Democratic ticket in 2018.

At this time in 2015, only 44 Democrats had filed with the FEC to run (and had raised at least $5000). This year that number has jumped to 209 candidates.

That doesn't mean they will automatically be elected, of course. And it doesn't mean the Congress will automatically flip to Democratic control. But it does mean that a lot more Republicans will have Democratic challengers next year, and you can't win any seat you don't have a candidate running for.

We need even more good candidates willing to challenge a Republican, but this is a very good start -- and it should give Democrats some hope that 2018 could be a good year.

The chart above is from the Brookings Institute.

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