Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Obamacare Is Twice As Popular As Trumpcare

Senate Majority Leader McConnell is keeping Trumpcare alive by the skin of his teeth. He has delayed any vote to bring Trumpcare up to the Senate for a vote, because McCain is recovering from an operation (and without McCain, 49 votes is the best he could do). Two Senators have already said they would vote NO -- Paul (Kentucky) and Collins (Maine). McConnell cannot afford to lose another vote.

But if the senators follow the wishes of the American public, they will kill this odious bill known as Trumpcare (that still will take insurance away from millions of Americans while giving the rich a nice tax break). Currently 50% would prefer to keep Obamacare (and fix it), while only 24% want Trumpcare to be passed.

The sticking point with the public is Trumpcares decimation of Medicaid. About 63% say it's more important to provide healthcare for the poor (which Trumpcare doesn't do) than to give tax cuts to the rich (which Trumpcare does do).

These charts represent the numbers in a new ABC News / Washington Post Poll -- done between July 10th and 13th of a random national sample of 1,001 adults, with a 3.5 point margin of error.

UPDATE -- Senators Lee (Utah) and Moran (Kansas) have now come out against the Senate bill. Trumpcare is dead -- and McConnell will not try to bring it up for a vote. He says he will instead try to repeal Obamacare without replacing it -- and delay the implementation of the repeal for two years to give Republicans time to come up with a replacement plan. Why does he think they can do that in two years, when they've been unable to do it after seven years?

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