Saturday, July 08, 2017

Residents Of G-20 Countries Trust Merkel More Than Trump

This chart reflects the results of the Spring global survey done by the Pew Research Center. It shows what the residents of the G-20 nations think about Donald Trump and Angela Merkel -- and which they would trust more to do the right thing regarding world affairs.

In the past, most of these nations would trust the U.S. president over other world leaders. That is no longer true. Now, in 14 of the 17 nations queried, the residents would trust Germany's Angela Merkel over Donald Trump to do the right thing. Only Russia and India would trust Trump more -- while South Africa is split between trusting Trump and Merkel.

Trump is not even trusted more than Merkel in the United States. About 56% in the U.S. would trust Merkel to do the right thing, while only 46% would Trust Trump to do the right thing -- a substantial 10 point advantage for Merkel.

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