Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trump Fires Priebus As Chief of Staff At White House

(Caricature of Donald Trump is by DonkeyHotey.)

The turnover in the Trump administration continues. Last week it was Spicer out and Scaramucci in. This week it's Reince Priebus (the White House Chief of Staff) that's been given his walking papers, and on Monday he'll be replaced with current Homeland Security chief John Kelly.

Priebus never really had the power a normal chief of staff enjoys. In most administrations, the chief of staff is the boss, and no one gets to the president without his approval. That was not the case for Priebus, who had no control over Jared Kushner and Ivanka, or Steve Bannon, or even Anthony Scaramucci (the new presidential hitman and designated bomb-thrower) who seems to have the ear of the president.

Will Kelly actually be given the power of a real chief of staff? It's doubtful. Kushner, Ivanka, Bannon, and probably even Scaramucci will probably still be able to bypass the chief of staff anytime they want to do so -- and that will be often. There will still be no real command structure at the White House -- just Trump and a bunch of underlings vying for power.

And the Trump administration will still be plagued by chaos. Trump may be thinking he's solved the chaos problem with his recent firings and hirings, but they were never the source of the chaos. Trump himself is the source. Trump is a narcissist, who's only concerned with his own image -- and he's prone to shift personal allegiances or political policies at the drop of a hat (and without notifying his staff). With such a leader, there is no way that chaos could not reign supreme in the White House.

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