Sunday, July 23, 2017

Two-Thirds Of Public Disapproves Of Trump's Tweeting

Donald Trump claims his use of Twitter lets him communicate with the American people. That's rather disingenuous. Other presidents have communicated just fine with the people without excessive tweeting (or any tweeting at all). They did it by holding regular news conferences, where they said what they wanted to say and then answered questions from the press about what they had said.

The truth is that Trump's use of Twitter is not an effort to communicate -- it's an effort to hide from the press so he doesn't have to answer the hard questions (about his failing administration and the mountain of lies and half-truths he tells). Tweets can't be questioned, and Trump is afraid to face the press and answer their questions.

Trump may think he's pulling a fast one by ducking the press and putting his views out through tweets, but the American public doesn't like it -- and it's not winning him any new friends. A full 2/3's of the public now say they disapprove of Trump's use of Twitter (while less than 1/4 approve).

These charts were made from information in a recent ABC News / Washington Post Poll -- done between July 10th and 13th of a random national;l sample of 1,001 adults, with a 3.5 point margin of error.

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