Friday, August 04, 2017

Americans Trust Democrats More To Fix Health Care

Americans are breathing a sigh of relief over the failure of Republicans to pass their onerous health care proposals. Those proposals were extremely unpopular with the public. That does not mean the public thinks our health care system is fine as it is. They don't. They just knew the GOP proposals would make things worse -- not better.

And the GOP fiasco over health care seems to have convinced Americans that they are not the ones who should be trying to fix health care. In fact, the public, by a 27 point margin (56% to 29%), thinks the Democrats would do a better job in fixing health care.

The chart above was made with information contained in a new Quinnipiac University Poll -- done between July 27th and August 1st of a random national sample of 1,125 voters, with a 3.4 point margin of error.

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