Saturday, February 24, 2018

Public Is Not On Board With Trump's Arming Of Teachers

The top chart represents a sad fact about mass shootings in America today. About 53% say they are not surprised to hear about a new mass shooting in this country. That's not surprising, since there's a mass shooting every day in this country (on average).

The public is not happy with Donald Trump's reaction to the latest mass shooting (in Parkland, Florida). Only 33% of the general public, 32% of Independents, and 7% of Democrats approve of Trump's handling of the shooting. Only Republicans approve (69%).

Trump has mentioned strengthening background checks, but doesn't seem passionate about it -- probably because the NRA opposes it. I doubt he will continue to push it.

The one thing he does seem passionate about is arming Teachers (and other school employees). He claims those people would be able to stop a mass shooter (even though that has never happened in this country). He also says that will prevent those shooters from entering a school because they'll be afraid of being shot. That's even more nonsensical, since most mass shooters are suicidal (and if others don't kill them, they kill themselves).

Arming school employees is a crazy idea. It won't save lives -- but will probably cause more loss of life. The American public knows that, and most are opposed to Trump's idea. It turns out that 50% of the public opposes the idea, while 44% approve of it.

The public does want to see stricter gun laws though -- with 65% of the general public, 63% of Independents, and 85% of Democrats wanting that. Only 43% of Republicans want stricter laws.

Another interesting part of the poll concerned the NRA. It seems they are losing ground with the American public. A plurality of 46% say they have too much influence on our politics.

These charts are from a new CBS News / SSRS Poll -- done between February 20th and 22nd of a random national sample of 1,012 adults, with a 4 point margin of error.

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