Monday, February 12, 2018

Trump Is Wrong In Dissing British Health Care System

A few days ago, Trump tweeted about the British health care system -- saying it was broke and not working. As usual, he was lying (and trying to defend his own failure to improve the American system).

The truth is that while the United States still has millions of people without health insurance (which means they are unable to access basic preventative medicine). This lack is killing at least 17,000 Americans every year. On the other hand, the British health care system provides access to decent health care for ALL of it's citizens.

Trump's tweet also infers that the British system is more expensive than the American system. That isn't just a lie -- it's an outrageous lie! The truth is that the British pay far less in providing for all of their citizens than the U.S. pays in providing for only part of it's citizens -- both per capita and as a percentage of GDP (see charts below). Suffice it to say, even conservative Brits would not change their system for the inefficient and expensive American system.

These charts are from the

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