Saturday, March 31, 2018

What The Hell Is Wrong With Baby Boomers ?

The chart above reflects the results of the newest Economist / YouGov Poll -- done between March 25th and 27th of a random national sample of 1,500 adults, with a margin of error of 3.4 points.

The chart shows the Democratic advantage right now when voters are asked what party they will vote for in their own congressional district. Among the general public, Democrats hold a 7 point advantage, and that advantage holds for three of the four age groups -- 18 to 29 (26 points), 30 to 44 (23 points), and 45 to 64 (5 points). All margins exceed the poll's margin of error.

The only age group that supports Republicans more than Democrats is the 65 and older group -- made up mainly of Baby Boomers and the remnants of the Silent generation. This age group gave Republicans a 12 point advantage.

I am amazed by this result. Although I am a Baby Boomer myself, I'm left to wonder -- What the hell is wrong with the Baby Boomers (and Silents)? Why would they vote against their own interest? Are too many of them just not very bright?

Most of this group is receiving Social Security benefits, and the rest will soon be doing that. They also get their medical care through Medicare. And frankly, a majority of those 65 and older need those benefits.

Which leads me to ask another question -- have they been listening to what congressional Republicans are saying? Both McConnell and Ryan (the Senate and House GOP leaders) have said that the next thing they want to do is take on the "entitlements". That's the Republican word for Social Security and Medicare, and other congressional Republicans agree with them. They don't want to increase those programs -- they want to cut them (or privatize them). If the Republicans get what they want, benefits will be cut, the cost-of-living adjustment will be lowered, the benefit age will be raised -- and possibly the programs will be eliminated.

Why would seniors vote for people who want to do that? Republicans say that must be done to balance the budget. That's a lie! Social Security has never added a penny to either the deficit or the national debt, and most of Medicare is also paid for through payroll deductions. The only way Social Security affects the deficit or debt is because Congress has borrowed billions from the Social Security Trust Fund (so they wouldn't have to tax the rich), and it must now be paid back. But they don't want to pay it back, and if they cut benefits they can take longer to pay it back. In other words. they want to pay for tax cuts to the rich with cuts to benefits for seniors.

And seniors seem to be willing to let them do it. Why? Some may tell you that it wouldn't affect them, but the changes would only affect future generations. I think that makes it worse. It makes Baby Boomers look like they only care for themselves, and are willing to screw their children and grandchildren. What kind of sick person thinks that way?

I'm very disappointed in my generation.


  1. it's unfortunate that you're correct in that there is a majority of the boomer generation that has gravitated toward the republica side with the huge mess they are leaving in their wake. blaming the entire generation, being disappointed in the entire does little. the boomers are not entirely at fault. the younger generations are screaming that we need real change, their voices hit the polls and then they don't show up at the one poll that truly counts. the voting booth.

    our generation has done some very great things. we freed women from the kitchen, we brought viet nam to its end and we saw civil rights ushered in. our generation was a large part of bringing equality a step forward that hadn't been taken before because of pure bigotry. sure, bigotry and hate still exist, they even can be seen as sponsored by this administration. but the bad we will have with us always.

    be ashamed of those who refuse to see the forest for the trees but cut the members of our generation some slack that still think and act for the good of the people of this country like yourself. those folks who have worked hard to bring about good change to this country don't deserve to be disappointed in.

    1. You are right. Boomers did force some progress, but then a majority decided that greed was good -- and became the first generation to leave the country worse than the one they inherited. There are, of course, still many who want to correct that -- but too many deserve my disappointment.


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