Friday, May 25, 2018

It's Never The Victim's Fault

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  1. Sorry but disagree, victims are victims because they are victims. I've seen too many parents train their girls to be victims. Are ALL men to be trusted? NO? Then why did you think the stranger giving you a strange drink is to be trusted??? Who is going to protect you? Some other strange dude? the Cops are useless, well less than useless. Ballet taught my daughter to dress pretty, I made sure she had the skills to kill! Yes rapists are awful people who should be de-balled, and it is unfair (life sucks) that you have to be a non-victim. And if you are of the "OH! I could never do that to another person" then there is a good chance you will be a victim. And even if the law & courts did better at getting rapists it will never stop them. When has jail ever stopped any crime??? So be aware, be cautious, be trained, be a non-victim!
    A rapist can spot you across the room!!!


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