Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sadler Was Just Following The Example Of Donald Trump

(This caricature of Trump is by DonkeyHotey. I added the words.)

By now you probably have heard about White House communications staffer Kelly Sadlers insensitive remark about John McCain -- a remark that violated all bounds of common decency.

While a discussion of Gina Haspel's nomination to be CIA director was being discussed, someone brought up the opposition of Republican Senator John McCain. Sadler remarked "It doesn't matter, he's dying anyway."

Officials of both political parties were aghast at the remark, and most have demanded a public apology from Sadler. Don't hold your breath waiting for that. When was the last time any member of the Trump administration apologized for anything?

Some people have even called for Sadler to be fired. What would that accomplish though. Would it magically turn the Trump administration into a paragon of virtue? Of course not. This is far from the last insensitive, indecent, and unethical comment or action that will come out of the Trump administration.

There is an old proverb that says "A fish rots from the head down". That is particularly apt when talking about the statements or behavior by members of the Trump administration. Trump has made dozens of insensitive and indecent comments about other people (Mexicans, women, demonstrators, judges, immigrants, etc.). He has even said McCain wasn't a hero because he was captured in the Vietnam War -- a remark that belittled the service of all POW's. Has Trump apologized for any of those remarks. NO!

Trump has been a vile human all of his adults life -- promoting racism in his properties, refusing to pay for services he contracted for, being a serial adulterer and sex abuser, engaging in consumer scams (like Trump university), just to name a few. Why then are we surprised when many of his cabinet heads display unethical behavior (EPA, Interior, Education, HUD, etc.). Aren't they just mimicking the behavior of their boss?

The sad fact is that the Trump administration is rotten throughout -- and that rot started with the head (Donald Trump). It is an indecent, unethical, and corrupt administration. And that won't change as long as Trump is in the White House.

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