Sunday, May 13, 2018

There Are A Few Honest Republicans Left (But Not Many)

(This picture of Steve Schmidt is by David Shankbone, and was found at Wikipedia.)

Steve Schmidt is a life-long Republican, and has been involved in Republican politics for most of his working life. He was involved in the campaigns of Arnold Schwarzenegger, George. W. Bush, and ran the day-to-day activities of the 2008 campaign for John McCain. His credentials as a Republican cannot be questioned.

I have usually disagreed with Schmidt's politics, but I respect him as an honest and ethical individual. The tweets below are his -- and they remind us that not every Republican has tossed morality out the window to be a supporter of the ethically-challenged and incompetent criminal that party has put in the White House (Donald Trump).

Unfortunately, he is in a tiny minority in the Republican Party. As the charts below show, most Republicans have drunk the rancid kool-aid Trump has offered them. They ignore his racism, misogyny, incompetence, and total lack of ethics. In fact, too many of them view those as favorable traits.

The charts are from the latest Economist / YouGov Poll done between May 6th and 8th of a random national sample of 1,500 adults (with a 3 point margin of error). These charts reflect only the views of Republicans.

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