Friday, May 25, 2018

Trump Has The Least Ethical Presidential Administration

Donald Trump likes to brag about himself and the people he's hired to run his administration. He claims they are the "best" people. The American public disagrees. They see his administration as being the least ethical of the last six administrations.

Only 37% of the public views the Trump administration as being ethical, while a substantial 59% says his administration is not ethical. Only one other president, Bill Clinton, has experienced a time when his administration was viewed as ethical by less than 50%. His number in January of 1994 was 43% (still 6 points higher than Trump), and he rebounded to 57% in March of that year.

The sad fact (for Trump) is that the public doesn't like him, doesn't approve of his job performance, thinks he is dishonest, and thinks his administration is generally unethical.

This chart was made using information contained in a new Gallup Poll -- done between May 1st and 10th of a national sample of 1,024 adults, with a 4 point margin of error.

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