Wednesday, May 16, 2018

White Evangelical Support For Trump Is At A Record High

The chart above shows results of a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute released  in mid-April of 2018. It shows the support of Donald Trump by white evangelicals is at an all-time high at 75% (or about three out of four evangelicals).

This group, more than any other in the country, likes to proclaim itself as the guardians of "family values" in the United States. They have tossed those values out the window to support Trump -- a man who is an incessant liar, a serial adulterer, a sex abuser, a racist, an immigrant hater, a deadbeat who doesn't pay his bills, a perpetrator of consumer frauds, and someone who makes fun of those less fortunate than he is. He is the very antithesis of christ-like behavior.

I don't ever want to hear the word "values" uttered by a white evangelical ever again. They have shown us those values don't matter to them. Only the pursuit of political power matters.

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