Saturday, June 02, 2018

GOP Is Not Winning The Hearts And Minds Of U.S. Youth

Traditionally, young people don't vote in as large numbers as older Americans. That may be changing. There have been reports that registration among younger Americans is strong, and that indicates they may well be a significant portion of the electorate this Fall. That should worry Republicans.

The charts above show results of a recent MTV / AP / NORC Poll -- done between April 23rd and May 9th of a national sample of 939 young people (15 - 34). The margin of error is 4.3 points.

Those young people were asked to give the federal government (completely controlled by Republicans) a letter grade. On every issue, they gave the government a very poor grade.

Then they were asked which political party they preferred (or leaned toward). The Democratic Party was preferred over the Republican Party by a 21 point margin (49% to 28%).

Finally, they were asked if they approved of the job Donald Trump is doing. A whopping 69% said NO, while only 30% said yes.

If young people do turn out in large numbers for the November election, that does not bode well for Republicans.

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