Saturday, June 09, 2018

Latest Fox News Poll Is Good News For Democrats

These charts reflect the results of the latest Fox News Poll -- done between June 3rd and 6th of a national sample of 1,001 registered voters, with a 3 point margin of error.

While Fox News is little more than a right-wing Republican propaganda organ, their poll has to be a big disappointment to them. It shows if the election was held today, the Democrats would win by 9 points. It also shows than 64% of registered voters are extremely or very interested in the upcoming election, which means a larger than normal turnout for a mid-term election is likely -- and that Democrats are more enthused about the election than Republicans by 9 points.

The bottom chart shows how the voters think the parties would do on the issues. Democrats do better on Climate Change, Health Care, and Immigration. Republicans do better on the Economy, Terrorism, and Border Security. The two parties are within the margin of error on Judicial nominations, Gun Policy, International Trade, Federal Deficit, and Taxes.

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