Friday, June 15, 2018

NY Attorney General Files Suit Against Trump Foundation

The Trump Foundation is supposed to be a charity. It's not. It's just another scam by Trump to fleece the public (like his fraudulent Trump University). The board governing the foundation has not met for years, and no Trump has donated to it for many years. And while the foundation donated little (if any) to real charities, Trump and his family used it as a personal piggy bank.

The Attorney General of New York (Barbara Underwood) has had enough. She has filed suit against the foundation and the Trump family. She is alleging that the foundation violates state and federal charity laws, and had an illegal connection to the Trump campaign. She is asking that the foundation be dissolved, and $2.8 be paid in restitution, plus other money as penalties for the illegal activity.

Good! This was long overdue.

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