Friday, June 08, 2018

The Ridiculous Current Views Of Republican Elected Officials

(This caricature of the Republican Elephant is by DonkeyHotey.)

The Republican Party is almost unrecognizable these days. Thanks to Fox News, Donald Trump, and the GOP base of racist deplorables, the current batch of Republican elected officials are taking positions that traditionally the party has opposed, and positions the opposite of what they took during the Obama administration.

Daily Kos gives us a list of those rather outrageous GOP positions:

Obama wears a tan suit. Holy fucking hell, civilization will end. Impeach!
Trump pays porn stars to silence them. Fake news!
Obama puts his feet on the Oval Office desk. Disrespectful to the presidency! The Framers are rolling in their graves. 
Trump brags on tape about groping women and is accused of sexual assault by at least 15 victims. Liars!
Obama fist bumps Michelle. ISIS in the White House!
Trump speaks fondly of Kim, Putin, Xi and other dictators. Make America Great Again! 
Obama uses dijon mustard on a hotdog. Frenchy Marxist traitor!
Trump Org. gets a half-billion-dollar loan from a Chinese bank, then Trump backs a corrupt Chinese phone manufacturer. Hillary’s emails! Lock her up!
Obama plays 37 rounds of golf in his first 500 days. Lazy mofo! How can he get anything done?
Trump plays 110 rounds of golf in his first 500 days. No collusion!  
Obama begins his public career as a community organizer. Freak out! Alinksy radical!
Trump gains notoriety as a landlord who won’t rent to African Americans, a bigotwho calls for the execution of the Central Park Five and a racist who enters politics as a birther. Muslim terrorists! Duck and cover!
Obama extends health care to millions. Dictator!
Trump declares himself above the law. Remember that night we won the election? Wow! 
Obama attends church services led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Commie pinko! Black Panther with a gun!
Trump says there are “very fine people” among the Charlottesville white supremacists. On both sides!  
Obama uses a teleprompter. He’s stupid and can’t think for himself.
Trump uses a teleprompter. Stable genius!
Obama says some voters cling to their guns and bibles. Elitist, unpatriotic dipshit!
Trump mocks the disabled, calls Mexicans rapists, attacks a Gold Star family and refersto Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as shitholes. Nasty women! Pocahontas!
Obama says a white policeman acted stupidly by arresting professor Henry Louis Gates. He hates white people and law enforcement!
Trump attacks the FBI and DOJ daily. Witch hunt! God Bless America! Trump is the true patriot! Make those football players kneel to the flag his bone spurs so bravely defended! 
Obama calls Fox News destructive. He detests the Fourth Estate, the First Amendment and kittens everywhere.
Trump calls the press the enemy of all Americans. They are, except Fox! 
Obama works cooperatively on the world stage and is celebrated by European nations. Showoff! 
Trump embarrasses America at the NATO summit, pulls out of Paris climate accord, withdraws from the Iran nuclear deal and screws over allies with trade tariffs. MS-13!
Obama didn’t immediately visit flood victims in Louisiana. Fail! He doesn’t care.
Trump’s paper towel-tossing response to Hurricane Maria still plagues Puerto Rico and cost 4,500 Americans their lives. It’s a 10 out of 10!  
Obama says he would consider meeting a North Korean leader. How stupid can you be?
Trump agrees to meet with Kim Jong Un. Masterful tactician. Nobel Prize!
The probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails took two years, cost $20 million and produced no indictments (nor did the four-year Benghazi investigation). Start it up again!
The investigation into Russian hacking of the 2016 election has taken 15 months, cost $17 million, and so far has resulted in at least 22 indictments. It’s a nothingburger, too costly, end it already!
During the eight years of Obama’s administration, only CIA Director Gen. Petraeus pled guilty to a crime, in his case a misdemeanor. Crooks! Drain the swamp!
After just 500 days in office, Trump’s campaign chair (Paul Manafort) has been indicted, the assistant campaign manager (Rick Gates) has pled guilty, a campaign aide (George Papadopoulos) has pled guilty, his national security advisor (Michael Flynn) has pled guilty, and his lawyer (Michael Cohen) is in deep shit. Only the best people!
Some other things that apparently don’t bother Republicans:
  • migrant children separated from their parents at the border and held in detention shelters for months.
  • a president and his family who cash in on their positions, crafting policy so it benefits their bottom line.
  • Trump’s refusal to enact the sanctions on Russia despite what Congress ordered.
  • cabinet full of grifters, liars and unethical bozos hell-bent on undermining the mission of the very agencies they direct.
  • more than 70 documented meetings between Trump aides and Russians.
  • more than 3,000 lies spilling out of Trump’s facial anus in his first 500 days.

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