Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Confidence In U.S. Leadership Now Low In NATO Nations

Trump is to meet with the heads of the NATO nations in Belgium today and tomorrow (July 11th and 12th). It's an understatement to say most of those nations are troubled by the actions of Trump, and his continual sniping at the organization. Trump has even gone so far as to question whether he would honor the U.S. commitment to NATO, or even stay in the organization. That probably makes Vladimir Putin very happy, but it is making the NATO nations very nervous. In the past, they have never had to worry about the commitment of the United States to NATO.

The charts above show the results of polls done by the Gallup Poll of citizens in the NATO nations. Note that confidence in U.S. leadership has fallen dramatically among most of those nations. This brings up an important question -- can NATO survive if there is no confidence that U.S. leaders will meet their obligations?

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