Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Donald Trump Tells Over 200 Lies In Only Two Weeks

(This image of Trump as Pinocchio is from YouTube.)

Presidents sometimes lie to the public. That has always been true. Sometimes it is for national security reasons, and sometimes it is to avoid their own embarrassment. But no president (of either party) has ever lied as much as Donald Trump has -- and continues to do.

Trump has no regard for the truth at all. He says what he thinks his base wants to hear, or what he wants to believe, without any concern for its veracity. And the frequency and amount of his lies seem to be accelerating.

The Toronto Star reports that Trump told over 200 lies in just two weeks - the last week of June (103 lies, about 14.7 a day) and the first week of July (100 lies, about 14.3 a day). They report he has told 1,929 lies since being sworn in.

They are being kind. The Washington Post has kept a more accurate count of Trump's misrepresentations, half-truths, and outright lies. They report Trump has told 3,251 lies in only 497 days -- an average of 6.54 lies for every day he has been in office.

There's an old joke that says you can tell when a politician is lying -- he's moving his lips. That has never been truer of anyone as much as it is of Trump!

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