Friday, July 13, 2018

In 2nd Quarter Funds O'Rourke More Than Doubles Cruz

The Dallas Morning News has published the fundraising totals for the U.S. Senate candidates in Texas. Once again, the Democratic candidate (Beto O'Rourke) outraged the Republican incumbent (Ted Cruz). After raising $4.1 million more in the first quarter of 2018 than Cruz, O'Rourke more than doubled Cruz in the second quarter. Cruz raised $4.6 million, while O'Rourke raised $10.4 million.

That brings O'Rourke's total to a bit more than 23.6 million for the year. Cruz has raised $13.7 million for the year. In fact, O'Rourke's total for this year equals all the money raised by Cruz since 2012.

Currently, O'Rourke has $14 million on hand, while Cruz has $10.4 million on hand (although PAC's are likely to pad Cruz's total between now and election day). O'Rourke has refused to accept any PAC money.

It looks like O'Rourke is going to have sufficient funding to compete on an equal basis with Cruz, and that's something we haven't seen in a Texas Senate race for quite a while.

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